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Permanent-magnet Separator Series RCY

Product introduction


    Permanent-magnetic separator Suspension series RCY is highly-effective, environment-protective and energy-saving equipment which use permanent magnetic materials instead of electromagnetic coils and can produce strong attraction force. The body adopts rare earth permanent magnetic materials featuring high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy as magnetic source. The magnetic property is persistent with high temperature stability. The magnet steel is chosen from the national famous magnetic material enterprise (national inspection-exempted product) with high purity material and advanced manufacturing process to ensure the magnetic property will not affected by environmental temperature and mechanical vibration. In order to minimize the difference the magnetic material has been electroplated on the surface, assembled with particular clamp by experienced man and got strict anticorrosion treatment. This series can be combined with conveyors such as belt conveyers, vibration conveyers and feeding pipelines to remove around 0.1~0.5kg iron materials from non-magnetic ones and thus enable the next equipment (such as muller, crusher, etc.) to be carried out normally. This series are widely applied in cement industry, firepower industry, ore industry, ceramic industry, non-metallic ore industry, metal industry, chemical industry, glass industry, paper-making industry, building industry, sugar refining industry, medicine industry, food industry,etc. with the stable performance of working well for quite a long time.


The series adopt computer simulation magnetic circuit design, with reasonable distribution of magnetic field and a deep penetration.

2.The body is simpler than that of electromagnetic separator. No need excitation power  nor cooling system

3.The difference between cold state and hot one is little; saving steel and self-weight is not heavy.

4.Power-saving and little fault.

5.Simple operation and reliable performance.

6.All technological data accord with JB/T 8711-1998.

product parameters (correlation dimension and data for reference only, the actual design scheme for quasi)

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