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King tube sheet heat casting equipment once a successful trial


August 30, 2010 at 11:30 am, from Hengyang Valin MPM Tube Co., came the good news, Hunan Branch Mida King Electric Co. for the manufacture of continuous casting equipment once the tube sheet heat test was successful. The continuous casting equipment Hunan Electric Co. Kemeida expansion strategy after the implementation of product upgrades, the first independent production of the entire casting equipment, including ladle turret, middle tanker, mold, active segment, the fixed segment, a billet roller , dummy bar storage device, dummy bar, dummy head, moving the cutting roller, etc. 27 department sets. The successful trial casting equipment, marking the Metroplex Electric Co., Ltd. Hunan Branch has the production capacity of the ministries not only sets casting equipment, but have created a package of comprehensive strength continuous casting equipment, casting equipment for the company to enter the market, extend the industrial chain, opened a new era.

Ladle and ladle turret capping means

Dummy bar and dummy bar storage device

Overlooking the billet roller

Dummy Components start feeding

Round billets from the active segment into the fixed segment

Stirrer into the end of the round billet

By the end of the round billet stirrer

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