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The company has a comprehensive technical strength, large-scale product development team to ensure a good technical base and R & D investment, the development of new products and technologies always walk in front of the industry, to support continuous innovation, forming 'plan generation, development of generation, production generation, improve generation 'virtuous circle, continue to introduce new products and technologies, since the development of the first set of electromagnetic stirring equipment in June 2002 and put into use since the achievements of the company is to create a number of leading, one of the most representative results are:

  • Nov 2010

    We developed the first casting strand electromagnetic accelerating equipment.
  • Dec 2009

    We developed the EMS equipment of biggest stirring section (φ1200)
  • Sep 2009

    We developed the permanent magnetic separator of highest open field intensity(16000GS)
  • Jun 2009

    We developed the first EMS equipment for improving polysilicon performance
  • Mar 2009

    We developed the EMS equipment of biggest section(φ800), which was also the frist one adopting
  • Oct 2008

    We developed the first sprial magnetic field EMS
  • Aug 2008

    We developed the first multi-mode EMS equipment
  • Nov 2007

    We developed the first mould slab EMS
  • May 2006

    We developed the first Al-alloy semisoild EMS equipment
  • Dec 2005

    We developed the biggest lifting electromagnet
  • Nov 2005

    We developed the first furnace bottom EMS.
  • Mar 2005

    We developed the first Melting Furnace EMS adopted AC-DC-AC VF control technology
  • Nov 2004

    We developed the EMS equipment of biggest-section (400×300).
  • June 2003

    We exported the first EMS equipment to India
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